As soon as the weather becomes chillier in Canterbury, people start looking for places where they can go skiing and snowboarding. This is because Canterbury has several spots where people can have adventures to cope with the extremely low temperatures. Some of the places you should consider if you are a skiing enthusiast include:

Mt Hutt and Mid Canterbury

This is the biggest ski area in Canterbury. You do not have to be an expert in skiing and snowboarding for you to enjoy your time here. They have a renowned snow school with experienced people who can teach you how to maneuver your way around snowboards. There is also room for children and younger people to learn how ski. The joker themed snowboards are a popular design choice for younger

Hanmer springs

The Hanmer Springs ski lies 20 kilometers from the Hanmer Springs township. It is a preferred location for for beginners and those in the intermediate levels of learning how to ski and board. Other than being a skiing and snow boarding hot spot, it also has thermal pools for when the weather gets too cold. The area also has a lot of spas and massage areas.

Porters Ski

This is a family business that offers skiing and snowboarding training for people in different levels. Porters ski area is partitioned for different levels and even has carpets lifts fr beginners. There are three T-bars for intermediates and advanced skiers and snow boarders. It is a popular place for people who want to learn how to ski and board by providing rental equipment. The unique experience can be topped up with the espresso from the cafe that is in the location.

Mt. Cheeseman ski area

Mt. Cheeseman ski area mostly targets learners and people with intermediate knowledge. It has T-bars lifts and a rope tow for people who are learning. It also has accommodation for people who want to have overnight stays.

Fox peak ski field

Most people on ski tours often find themselves at the fox peak ski field due to the size of the location. It is big enough to take in many more people at the same time. They tend to crank up the lifts in mid July when the snow is higher.

Craigieburn valley ski area

What defines Craigieburn valley ski area is known for the steep grounds. It is a popular place for younger people who want to get the thrill of sliding down at a high speed. There is a cafe beneath the ski area where people can grab drinks.

Broken river ski area

It is a one and a half hour drive from Christchurch. it is made up of a huge open basin that has steep chutes on top of the ski field. It is a reserve for people who are looking for a laid back experience in a place that is not crowded with so many people. A popular thing to do at the Broken River ski area is the ski rogaine event and beer tasting events that are organised on location.

Mt. Olympus ski area

This skiing and snowboarding point has been undergoing renovations and is now complete. The skiing section has rope towns which makes it a good choice for both beginners and those who want to engage in extreme activities.