Canterbury is one of many unique places to visit in the world. There are so many things which make this cathedral city in the Southeast of England stand out as a tourist attraction. If you are in the city, some of the outdoor activities you can engage in, and have fun while doing so, include the following.

Go to the Animal Park

Howletts Wild Animal Park has creatures such as lions and tigers. It also has black rhinos, which are some of the most popular animals which people go to see in the park. The 90-acre park has an elaborate map that you can get online, for you to have an idea of how to find your way around the park, especially when you are on a single trip.

Attend the Festivals

There are just too many different things to do, it can be hard to pick what to do and what to leave out when you are in Canterbury. Some people find that attending when there is a major event, such as the Canterbury festival, which is held annually in October, summarises how art is done in the city. As a great outdoor activity, you can plan and travel around that season, so that you catch up with the comedy, dance and music that is showcased, sometimes on the streets of Canterbury.

Go Hiking

If you are a guest and you need a break from hotel rooms, take a hike across the park. This will connect you with nature by exposing you to the most beautiful scenes, while at the same time giving you time to exercise. It is also an excellent way to connect with other people, and you can plan for group hikes if you want to socialise.

Go Shopping

One of the ways to really understand people is by watching their shopping habits. If you want to understand the culture of Canterbury, go to places such as the Buttermarket which is often thronged by locals and tourists. You can also use the apps available to you to check out the nearest market, and what it is famous for. Even if you do not want to spend money, you can go to the markets to window shop and know the kind of goods people buy.

Go Fishing

River Stour is one of the places where you can go fishing if you are in Canterbury. It provides a serene environment for you to sit with your fishing rod and calmly watch as the day slides by. It is a great outdoor activity, even for those who have not mastered the tricks of fishing. Just try it out for relaxation. If you do not enjoy fishing, you can go for a swim.