There is nothing which compares to the magic of watching dolphins and whales reaching out from the water to kiss the air. Their majestic force and playfulness make it worth seeing. Canterbury in New Zealand is known for having spectacular areas where people can watch whales and dolphins. Some of the prefered ways to access whale and dolphin watching services are using tour companies such as the following.

Akaroa Dolphins

Located on 65 Beach Road, Akaroa Dolphins is an award-winning tourist attraction in Canterbury, New Zealand. It is home to the small and rare Hector’s dolphins. The playful dolphins can be seen by taking a cruise which is always accompanied by expert dolphin spotting dogs that are trained to notify people when they spot a dolphin. Other than watching dolphins, you can also see the white-flippered penguins and fur seals at Akaroa Dolphins.

Kaikoura Kayaks

A drive around the Kaikoura coastline provides an opportunity to see dusky dolphins, penguins and maybe an albatross. A tour with Kaikoura Kayaks will expose you to several sceneries, and it is suitable for people of different ages. There are experienced guides who can be hired to paddle through the waters, and show you the places where you are likely to spot dolphins. The company also has tours to spot seals and they last half a day. It is hugely popular with tourists which is a vital revenue source for the local communities who often also provide their services as guides.

South Pacific Helicopters

They offer ocean safaris which allow people to watch whales and other marine wildlife from the air. This gives an aerial view and clear pictures of whales jumping and chasing each other across the ocean. They allow people of different ages, including children and the elderly.

Dolphin Encounters

Do you want to get up close with dolphins? With Dolphin Encounters, you jump into the ocean and swim around until you spot a dolphin. You wear the right costumes which allow you to breathe underwater so that you can flap around with the dolphins without having to keep gasping for air. People travel from all over the entire world to share this experience and create unforgettable memories. If you are not a particularly confident swimmer, you can still enjoy the experience, by watching through the specially built vessels in the ocean, that provide a perfect view of dolphins jumping out of water.

Wings Over Whales

They offer an opportunity to watch whales while aboard a flight. The angle provides a possible sighting of different species of whales and other marine wildlife.

The places where you should go for dolphin and whale watching include:

  • Kaikoura Whale Sanctuary

This sanctuary is known for the famous Giant Sperm whale among other marine wildlife. It is undoubtedly one of the favourite places for tourists visiting New Zealand, who also enjoy spending time around the beautiful hotels which surround the Kaikoura Whale Sanctuary. Once you understand the rules that you should adhere to, for you to be in New Zealand, you can visit all the places you desire.

  • Akaroa Harbour

At this harbour, tourists get on a boat and go on a cruise to encounter the dolphins which playfully swim across the water. Most boats have guides who are well experienced and recognise signs of a sighting. You definitely do not have to be a resident of New Zealand to enjoy the many sceneries and wildlife it provides.