Christchurch has been in news for a series of devastating news ranging from bomb blasts to the earthquakes that shook the city in 2011. Despite the not so happy news that have affected Christchurch, there are so many beautiful things that define it. Some of the places to visit in this resilient city include:

Quake city

This area shows the lessons the city gathered after an earthquake rocked them. At the Canterbury museum has a section where the effects of the earthquake is immortalised for people to understand what it takes for a generation to rebuild from the ruins of a disaster. It is a must visit place for people who want to get into the depth of how it feels to rise from such a devastating disaster.

Christchurch Art gallery

This gallery is considered an important place for members of society to converge. It hosts some of New Zealand’s most important and valuable pieces of art. When the earthquake hit Christchurch, the gallery was a temporary place for Civil defence and staff of City council when their offices were under construction. It held the largest art exhibition barely a month after the earthquake.

Botanic gardens

There is a reason Christchurch is also referred to as Garden City. The city boasts of having beautiful botanic gardens. If you are looking for a place where you can go and relax, then you should definitely visit the botanic gardens. They also provide a perfect place to shoot photos and enjoy nature.


Sumner is perhaps the most beautiful suburb in Christchurch. A walk in the suburb provides great view to the coastline. Sumner also has a lot of restaurants and cafes that serve a variety of foods. When the sun goes down, a visit to the casino is a popular night out activity for most people. Even if you are not a gambler, you can walk in and see what goes on at the casinos.

Contemporary cardboard cathedral

For many years, the Christchurch cathedral was considered an important icon of history until the earthquake broke it beyond repair. The only things that were salvaged after the quake were some hymn books. the contemporary cardboard cathedral was set up with hopes that it would temporarily replace the old classic, but it took a life of its own. It has now become a tourist attraction as it reflects the resilience, endurance and faith of residents of Christchurch.

The banks peninsula

For people who enjoy marine wildlife should visit the banks peninsula in Christchurch. It is home to world’s smallest and rarest dolphins. There are also white flippered penguins and the endangered dolphin species called Hector’s dolphins. The peninsula has scenic walking trails for those who want to explore and take in the scenery.

Container mall

As the name suggests, this is a shopping area that has shops made of containers. It is more than a shopping mall; as it reflects just how much the people of Christchurch are trying to start over after the earthquake.

Arthur’s pass national park

Regular visitors at the South island know that Arthur’s pass national park is a scenic place that would interest almost everyone who loves nature. It is made of a vast forest that has wildlife. The mountains on the horizon make it even more beautiful and several climbers always go to the park for a mountaineering experience.