Canterbury is one of the popular tourist attraction centers in New Zealand due to the number of things to do and see. This site is a one-stop-place for people who want to travel to Canterbury and are wondering what it has to offer. The website explains some of the popular things people do in Canterbury, such as watching dolphins and skiing. Some of the interesting topics that are explored in the site are:

Outdoor activities in Canterbury

Whether you are a native or you are visiting Canterbury for the first time, deciding where to go can be overwhelming. The internet is full of suggestions and reviews, and the many options available can sometimes be confusing. In this site, we narrow down some of the popular activities to do in Canterbury, and where to go. The list caters for different interests and age groups, so you can be sure that you will find one or two activities that work for you.

Places to visit in Christchurch

Christchurch is an important part of Canterbury due to the history it has. The mention of the city conjures up some not so good memories, especially the 2011 earthquake that shattered important buildings in the area. In this section, you will find reasons why you should visit Christchurch, and places that to visit. The website strives to tell the story of the resilience of humanity, and how residents of Christchurch are slowly rebuilding from the ruins of the devastating earthquake. Here, you will find list of places to visit such as botanical gardens, Christchurch shopping mall made of containers and the cardboard cathedral. It also gives options of hotels and restaurants to visit when and places like Sumner that is famous for it’s music scene and scenic coastlines.

Popular skiing and snowboarding spots

The weather can get very cold in Canterbury during winter, but it does not mean that people should stay indoors and sulk about the weather not being lovely. The snow can be turned into a playground where those who love to snowboard and ski can go and have fun. This site provides a list of popular places where skiers and snowboarders prefer to spend time during winter. It should not matter if you are a beginner or if you are an expert in skiing because the sites provided in this list cater for people across all levels. The list also exhausts other things someone can do in the skiing spots if they get tired of skiing, or are simply looking for an alternative activity to engage in before resuming the snowboarding and skiing.

Watching dolphins and whales

Imagine a life where you swim with dolphins and watch as whales come up for air and sink bank into the vast waters in the ocean. This can be a reality and this site shows you exactly where to go if you want to watch dolphins and whales in Canterbury. It lists tour companies that can give you the ultimate experience and the harbours where you have a likelihood of dolphin and whale sightings.

Basically, this site gives relevant information on what to do when in Canterbury. The information is relevant for people who are thinking of visiting Canterbury, and those who have already arrived in the city and are adding the waters trying to find pieces of information that can make the visit more interesting.

The rule of having a fruitful visit is to ensure that you interact with as many people as possible so that you understand the culture. You can always reach out to a guide if you are not sure of where and how to get started.